Audition Coaching

  • One hour coaching & filming $65

  • One hour coaching only $35

  • One hour filming only $35

  • Two hours coaching and filming $120

  • Two hours coaching only $60

  • Two hours filming only $60


Clients are responsible for rehearsal space rental, if necessary



Short notice tapped auditions are an unavoidable occupational requirement—and at times, occupational hazard—for professional actors at every level. I recently received such a request from for a highly sought after film project. Furthermore, the material happened to be the most emotionally demanding script I’ve ever received. Fortunately for me, I had Danny Garcia as my coach and co-pilot through the process. His experience as a working actor enabled him to quickly dissect the script and provide the most succinct feedback and direction. His sound direction allowed me to focus solely on the emotional demands of the script that I needed to deliver. Oh, did I mention that he set up, recorded, and edited my tape as well? I would strongly suggest Danny Garcia to any actor looking for quality technical and artistic direction.



I first met Danny Garcia as a student in my acting class. I’ve since had the pleasure of watching his work for many years now and I can honestly say that he is one of the fastest growing and most instinctual actors I’ve ever met. He is insightful, hardworking and extremely natural both in drama and comedy. His loose and organic acting style is what I encourage people to aim for and it is undoubtedly a factor in why he works as much as he does. I hold him in the highest regard as an actor and believe that his understanding of the craft, his trustworthy instincts and his generous spirit make him an ideal acting coach. He’s a pleasure to work with. 



I needed a character reel for a comedy audition I was submitting for and asked Danny Garcia to help me out. We filmed for about and hour and a half, and not only did I get five characters on tape, but we laughed the entire time. Danny put me completely at ease and made the experience so fun! He even helped me flesh out the last character of the day and directed me on the different beats I should hit. I had a great time working with him and highly recommend him for any self-tape or audition coaching! Thanks, Danny! 



Danny was awesome to work with during my self-tape session! He was immensely helpful and accommodating to my schedule. Being a talented and working actor himself, Danny understands auditions and self-tapes as well as anybody. Thus, he gave great notes which allowed us to get the best takes in the shortest amount of time. I would highly recommend Danny to anyone looking for top-notch self-tapes in terms of both performance and quality.



Danny is my go to guy whenever I need to do a self-tape! He’s an honest, passionate, and patient guy, and as a working actor, he understands the work and prep it takes. He provides an environment where you feel completely safe to explore, but challenged enough to push for improvement. He’s helped me discover different layers in scenes we’ve worked on that I hadn’t noticed before and will get you a self-tape that you’re totally confident about!